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Puppy Raising at Esquire Caucasians : A Great Start In Life

by Stacey Kubyn

All Esquire Caucasian Mountain Dog pups are born and raised under careful supervision and tender love and care in our home.

During the Neonatal Period from birth to 12 days, the puppies stay in the warm temperature-controlled whelping room in the house. Between 3-5 days old, they make their first trip to the veterinary clinic for ear cropping by a licensed veterinarian. Starting at 3 days old through day 16, the puppies undergo mild neurological stimulation exercises, the "Bio-Sensor" or "Super Dog" Program, which has been shown to produce adult dogs who are more tolerant of stress and have greater resistance to disease.

The Transitional Period from 13-20 days is the time when novel stimuli are introduced to the whelping box such as towels of different textures. We continue to pick up the puppies daily, speak to them, and spend individual time with each puppy.

The Awareness Period occurs at 21-23 days and is a time of rapid sensory development. The puppies are introduced to new surfaces such as carpet, begin spending time in different areas of the house, usually in groups to minimize the stress of change.

The 3rd week of life marks the beginning of the Socialization Period, where the puppies are playing with each others and exposed to new experiences every day. During the third week, they are introduced to solid food - baby cereal, babyfood meats and yogurt - but continue to nurse. By week 4, they are spending part of the day in a playpen near the television and part of the day outdoors with their dam, and are with their dam at night in the house. Between 4-5 weeks, the puppies are offered puppyfood kibble containing the brain building omega-3 fatty acid DHA, shown to enhance the trainability of puppies. The dam begins naturally weaning the puppies between 5-8 weeks and we leave it up to her decision when the time is right. She is also busy playing with and disciplining the puppies during this time. The puppies begin to take short car rides at 5 weeks, and make longer car rides to the veterinary clinic to receive vaccinations at 6 weeks old and 9 weeks old.

We guide our puppies through the Fear Imprint Period that occurs between 8-11 weeks by continuing to provide POSITIVE EXPERIENCES, meeting friendly people at home, making trips to see family, friends, and to the park and petstore. The puppies are exposed to other adult dogs and to our horses, housebreaking is started, and the puppies receive individual time and attention. The puppies observe good adult dog interaction with family and adult dogs guarding the property.

With this great start in life, our puppies leave to their new homes after 11 weeks old to join their new owners as valued family members.

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