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The Rescue of "Brother" and "Sister" on June 17, 2005

Photos of the dogs at time of rescue :

Look what she did to my precious puppy

Look what she did to my precious puppy

Description of the dogs by the rescue transporter :

> The Male :
Physical Condition :
Typical size for the breed and gender, approximately 15% underweight for his size and frame (or "bone"), grossly lacking in muscle tone and development, presenting 12-15 sores in various stages of healing on his back each the size of a quarter or larger, non-professionally shaved coat with heavy matting of the remaining fur in the tail-legs-head, a semi-soft abscess under the skin of his shoulder of about 25 sq. in., skin overall exceedingly dry with extensive musty-smelling flaking dander and ingrained dirt, very quiet and likely to have been de-barked, neutered
Posture and Gait :
Overall good, no east/west in the front or rear, slight hockiness in the rear, no crossing legs or legs angling out when walking, very weak in the chest and front leg muscles
Temperament and Training :
Un-trained for leash walking (even with first owner), apparently unsocialized, overall calm or reserved, not hand-shy, not aggressive

> The Female :
Physical Condition :
Larger than typical size for the breed and gender, grossly underweight for her size and frame - to the point of starvation - with protruding ribs and spinal bones, grossly lacking in muscle tone and development, non-professionally shaved coat with matting of the remaining fur in the tail-legs-head, skin overall dry with some flaking dander, very quiet and likely to have been de-barked
Posture and Gait :
Overall good, no east/west in the front or rear, no crossing legs or legs angling out when walking, extremely weak in the front and rear leg muscles, able to stand for only a few minutes at a time before trembling in the thighs and ankles
Temperament and Training :
Only partially trained for leash walking (even with first owner), partially unsocialized, overall calm or reserved, not hand-shy, not aggressive

Additionally, although I had been involved for over 10 days in arranging the pick-up, at the time of delivery the first owner :
> could not provide me with records or tags for their dog licenses (she said they were lost)
> "did not have time" to have the dogs seen by a vet to get Health Certificates for travel
> did not have the dogs' numbered/signed rabies certificates nor their rabies tags (she said they were lost)
> did not provide me copies of their full vet records (she offered a vet's address so these might be procured later)
> provided only an unsigned receipt for vet services showing puppy shots given in September 2004

Status : Rehomed

Updates from the new owner :

June 18, 2005 :


Here is a picture I took the right before the pups arrived. It was really 2 rainbows, one inside the other !!

"Skya" [is] named after Madam Ranevskya from Checov's the Cherry Orchard. She looks like she is in bad shape weight and nutrition wise. She is much more outgoing than her brother, and wants pats and attention, but seems still not to really know what to do with it. She is happy and uncomfortable at the same time. She did some exploring, but is very weak and her backend trembles. She can't really stand or move for a long time. I am pretty sure she has very bad diarrhea, but neither will poop while anyone is around, so I can't be positive which one or both. She is the first to the food bowls, and will come over for treats. She is so sweet and gentle.

"Trofimov" (Trofi) who is the optimist in The Cherry Orchard. I only got one picture because as aoon as he knows you are looking at him he turns and hides. He is weight wise in better shape, but is so flabby. He has a huge amount of what I hope is flab at his chest area, and kind of hunches down in front. He came over to me once today when I wasn't looking, and let me give him a scratch! It was a huge accomplishment. With him, I think it is best to let him observe and build confidence to come out of the corner and visit. He will take a treat from my hand, but only if I put my hand behind me and don't look at him. He has a lot of scabbs under his coat, and has poop stuck in clumps under his tail and on his hind-end. He may have a bit of an eye infection. His 3rd eyelid on his left side was partially showing last night, and today is a bit red and puffy.

The vet gave us panacure, which they ate happily with their lunch. We also got them an omega fatty acid food additive for poor skin/coat. They have an appointment Thurs evening.

OK, it is 8PM and I am going back to finish some work and "tuck the pups in". They are wonderful and beautiful and sweet. I am very greatful to be able to take care of them. There has been such a change in trust in even one day. Thank you.

Update June 20, 2005

Wow, the resemblance is amazing with the polish dog. With the same muzzle markings!

Well we had 2 puppies this morning! Skya and Trofi both were wagging at their door when I arrived, and when I opened the door they kept wagging! Skya wanted pats, and Trofi did not retreat back or hunch down, so I kneeled next to him and he put his head under my arm. It was the first time he really sought contact from me. Skya was jealous and was poking me with her paw so I had to do a double scratchin'.

One of them had an almost normal poop this morning. Trofi has a large hard lump which worries me, probably 5 or 6 inches long and 2 to 3 inches wide between his neck and shoulder on his right side. There are a large number of healed and semi healed scabs on top of his skin in this area. He doesn't have a problem with me touching it. His neck area in general has a large amount of scabs and "hot" areas which are very itchy to him. After Thursdays vet appointment I will take off his collar.

OK, more updates to come.

Update June 27, 2005


No need to contribute to the vet bills, I love these dogs ! But it will take a bit to get you the travel reimbursement money. I really want to do this though.

The pups are improving every day! Yesterday Skya pounced on one of her toys, and someone took their leash to bed with them last night! Their favorite thing now is going for walks and playing in the ponds. Evan would not believe it. Sky likes to watch the frogs, and Trofi is still pretty much stuck to my leg, but has been much braver. The poor guy is still so scared when meeting new people, he pees and poops on himself.

Trofi's shoulder is so much better. The antibiotic must be working because it softened and is now shrinking. I am so relieved. Sky is looking better I think, her back is not showing so much. And she is eating better. I am very proud of their improvement. And they are so sweet and waggy now. Especially in the morning. They are all over me with kisses and hugs.

I will send another note when the test results come back. It should be today or tomorrow.

Posted June 28, 2005

Hello to this list. I am new to the Caucasian breed, but am a long time dog owner and lover, and have a fila and a basset hound in my home. I saw that these dogs were discussed on the list, and I thought perhaps the members would appreciate a happy ending to the story.

The pups are doing well. They are living on a 400 acre farm/mini estate with angus, hereford and my 5 horses. I fell in love with the pups from the first time I saw them, and they are now pretty attached to me as well. They were very scared and timid at first, but are now meeting me with wagging tails and kisses (and VERY large paws asking for pats!). Their favorite past time is sitting by the ponds and looking for frogs!

They are so excited when I pick up their leashes. They tire easily, but are getting 3 fairly good walks a day, with time to rest along the walk. "Sister" is building up a bit already over her backbone and haunches. "Brother" arrived with a severe infection in his neck/shoulder area, but is being treated with antibiotics and the swelling is down a huge amount, and the fluid that was around his chest area is gone. They are both being treated for whipworm, and are now eating and going to the bathroom normally.

Both dogs are pretty neutral about other dogs, seem very comfortable around the cows and horses, but are terrified of other people. Neither though act agressively. Following completion of their whipworm treatment, they will be going to classes to help build their confidence. I don't expect them to seek out affection from other people, but I want them to know that they don't have to be afraid. Again, I am a fila owner, so I have experience with "temperment" vs fear agression, and socialization is important. They are already "protective" of the barn area, so their confidence must be growing. They will try to bark (i think they are de-barked, and can only kind of make a hoarse sound) when a car pulls up or they hear a voice that is not familiar.

So...I LOVE THESE DOGS!!! They are sweet, wonderful mushes. And I will love them no matter what their condition is now or will be in the future.

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