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Esquire Caucasians Frequently Asked Questions
Are you a breeder ?
Yes !

Is breeding dogs a business for you ?
No ! We are attorneys by profession and the Esquire Caucasians breeding program is a hobby and a passion, and money from puppy sales is used to defray the costs of taking care of our dogs. We do not live off the sale of animals in any way, and pushing puppy sales is never a goal. We do offer puppies to the public as a by-product of our hobby, to qualified owners.

Do you breed any other breed of dog, or other animals ?
No ! We are dedicated exclusively to the Caucasians. So much time is devoted to the serious study of this breed, various bloodlines, pedigrees, breed education and community service, we don't even have time to be breeding anything else!

How often do you breed ?
In some years, several times a year. In the years when we breed, generally 15-20 puppies are available to the public for purchase. In other years, we take a break and simply enjoy our dogs !

Are your puppies raised in the house and socialized ?
Yes ! Of course !

What is the price of puppies ?
Please call Esquire at 440.286.2374 for availability and pricing. Check our Puppies 4 Sale section for planned litter announcements.

Do you ship? How much is shipping ?
We prefer that owners pick up their puppy at our home. However, if that is not possible we can ship via Delta Dash. Young puppies can be shipped domestically via Delta Dash for approximately $US 200.

At what age do you sell puppies ?
No earlier than 8 weeks, and preferably at 10-12 weeks. We do not force wean the pups and leave it up to the dams as to when they are finished nursing. We also believe that puppies learn alot from their littermates and mothers, another reason not to rush.

Do you guarantee health and temperament and lifetime owner support ?
Yes ! Of course !

Do you breed only long-haired Caucasians, or do you also do short hair ?
We breed both long and shorter coated Caucasians.

Do you offer different sociability and so-called "ADR levels"?
Our goal is to breed for the ONE correct temperament and protective ability under the Russian RKF Breed Standard. As with all breed characteristics, we look to the breed standard to define the ONE correct temperament for the breed. Of course, dogs and puppies, as individuals, exhibit a range of behaviors. We make repeated, informal observations of our puppies from birth that, taken together with information about the sire and dam, help us to draw some predictive conclusions about individual puppy temperament. Please see the Temperament section of our web site for more information on correct breed temperament.

I looked at your Photo Gallery, and all your dogs seem to look very much alike - is this on purpose ?
Yes ! It is the effect of selective acquisition of breeding stock and the careful choice of sires and dams to move toward the characteristics described under the RKF Breed Standard. We just love the unique "look" of this breed!

Is there a breed club ?
Yes ! Click here to learn more about the Caucasian Ovcharka Club of America, COCA, established in 1991.
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