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The Esquire Caucasians Program
The Esquire Caucasians breeding Program is a passion. The goal is to produce dogs that meet the RKF Breed Standard of Excellence in type, soundness, health and working temperament. Powerful, athletic, intelligent dogs that live long lives, excelling at the job of protecting family and flock. Dogs that are true to the breed's tradition of partnership with mankind. Dogs that are as useful as they are beautiful.

At Esquire, we are not puppy farm producers. We breed first and foremost for ourselves, with the intent of producing and keeping puppies from each litter to carry on the next generation. The puppies from our litters are very consistent, and a limited number of pups are available for sale to the public by application and reservation. Those seeking breeding stock from Esquire Caucasians must demonstrate how they will serve and protect the breed.

While we seek out Russian breed expert and FCI judge third party opinions and critiques on our dogs under the RKF Breed Standard, Esquire's Caucasians are not "bred for the showring". Our top winning showdog tradition in North America is a by-product of our search for excellence, not a goal in its own right.

Our foundation bloodlines are from Russia and Poland, FCI registered, with thoroughly researched pedigrees for many generations. We also have imported directly from the Georgian Republic. Our foundation dam, HURMA iz Illinka TT, was purchased from a factory guarding kennel in Russia and imported as a young adult with her first guarding certificate, earned in Russia, in paw. The backbone of our Program is based on the bloodline of the Champion of the USSR, elite producing military dog FRANT and his full litterbrother FART, of Old Leningrad Type. To avoid the pitfalls of inbreeding, we scour the globe for dogs of matching type,from other compatible bloodlines, to maintain health, vigor and genetic diversity in our Program.

In 1995, Esquire Caucasians imported a legend from Russia: the USSR Champion FARAON KS-1, in our opinion, one of the most exciting dogs in our breed. FARAON, a working titlist under the USSR system, has part aboriginal blood, and his decendants in Russia are highly prized as professional security dogs. In an unprecendented step, bringing the most modern veterinary technology to this ancient breed, we have preserved FARAON's genetic material. In 2002, a landmark litter of eight puppies via frozen semen was born, and in 2003 a single pup from a second litter. Brilliant, athletic, old style, shorter coated Caucasians, with fire in their eyes and the flavor of aborgine. Look for photos of TAIGA FARAON Esquire, TAGOR FARAON Esquire, DATO FARAON Esquire, RADJ FARAON Esquire, NORIS Esquire, KALI FARAON Esquire, KASANDRA FARAON Esquire, KORANA FARAON Esquire and DRAKO FARAON Esquire in our Esquire Photo Gallery.

In 2000, Esquire Caucasians was blessed with the opportunity to purchase FROL GVIDONOVICH iz Svetlogo Doma from Siberia. Rated the best male junior at a large show in Siberia in March 2000 before his export, and from KS working titled stock, FROL has rocked North America with his beauty and outstandingly balanced working character. Photos of FROL and his excellent sons and daughters are located in the Gallery.

But we believe that the real secret of a strong Program is in the bitches and we have imported some of the best. In our Gallery, you can see photos of our beloved Russkiy Medved LADOGA, Russkiy Medved ONEGA, Russkiy Medved EL, LEYLA Hunza, ZHANNA Talgo, and PESNYA iz Svetlogo Doma.

In the apt words of Galina Kirkitskaya, Russian National Kavkazskaya Ovcharka Breed Club President and International Kavkazskaya Ovcharka Breed Club Vice President : "The type selected for enclosed territory protection (the social need of that period [former USSR]) was the most universal and attractive: the Georgian type -- overly large, powerful and strong, capable of coping with wolf or human. The truly beautiful Georgian dog with long, course hair to protect from rain or snow, usually gray with dark mask, became the model for the first breed standard that is used today without major corrections."

One modern mountain bear Georgian type, with diverse pedigrees, a backbone of traditional working Russian stock, spiced with aborgine blood - this is our Program at Esquire Caucasians. Puppies are available by application and reservation. Older puppies and young adults occasionally available.
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