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Critiques Introduction
Below you will find the actual written Evaluations given to our dogs by the expert judges who have examined them. These are given in full, just as we received them. We will be updating this section both for new Show Critiques and as we digitize some of our older records.
Please check back here from time to time to see what we have added.
Esquire's Show Critiques
April 2003 - Esquire under FCI Judge Polivanov
At the MolosserStock Show in New York, Ch. FROL GVIDONOVICH iz Svetlogo Doma, Russkiy Medved ONEGA and some of our 5 month old FARAON puppies (sire USSR Multi Ch. FARAON KS-1 with dam Russkiy Medved LADOGA, born here at Esquire) went under the experienced eye of FCI Judge-Expert Mstislav Polivanov [ FCI Judge-Expert (Russia), RKF Specialist - Kavkazskaya Ovcharka ]

Written evaluations by Judge-Expert Polivanov :

Ch. FROL GVIDONOVICH iz Svetlogo Doma - "Very good size, very good color, show condition. Strong bones, very good angulation, enough tendons, very typical head, good planes, lower jaw needs to be wider, excellent neck carriage and length, long croup, chest deep but must be broader. Movement with good amplitude, very good balance, rear movement parallel but narrow. FCI RATING : Excellent"
Russkiy Medved ONEGA - "Bite correct and complete, good in height and length, elegant head typical very good planes, very good skull and cheeks, excellent head for female specimen. Very good neck, very good chest, croup is not long and slightly sloped, extention front excellent, rear is sufficient. FCI RATING : Excellent"

TAIGA FARAON Esquire - "Scissors bite, incisors changing, very nice head and good proportions and plains. Good neck, strong back, enough croup length, good chest development, very good angulations, excellent movement for puppy. FCI RATING : Very Promising"
TAGOR FARAON Esquire - "Scissor bite, incisors changing, testes normal, very good size, strong bones, nice head, very correct planes, dark eyes and good head carriage, good topline, very good angulations of shoulders and stifles, slight east-west, pasterns must be stronger, movement is well balanced. FCI RATING : Very Promising"
DATO FARAON Esquire - "Scissor bite, incisors changing, testes normal. Good size, strong bones, very good color, excellent head in volume and planes, top and side excellent, very dark eyes, very good mask. Strong back, croup is long but wide slope, good angulations, very good movement. FCI RATING : Very Promising"

August 2002 - FROL under FCI Judge Lafay
At the Rarebreed Club of Southwest Ontario Canada dogshow, held in conjunction with the Canadian Kennel Club, FROL GVIDONOVICH iz Svetlogo Doma received a rating of "Excellent" from FCI Judge Mde. Christaine Lafay [ FCI Juge quallifié et formateur expo (France), President - Club français du St-Bernard, President - Club français du dogue du Tibet. ].

Written evaluation of FROL GVIDONOVICH iz Svetlogo Doma by Mde. Juge Lafay :

"HEAD : Full teeth - scissor - strong - super head for a male - excellent stop - bulk powerful - occiput well defined - dark eyes - nose excellent, wide not like a fox - lips well fromed
BODY : Very nice neck - excellent top line - nice coat and color - excellent rear - excellent tail, long and full of hair - excellent angulation front and
rear - excellent feet, excellent feet in front, a little opened in the back - strong bones - nice chest
MOVEMENT : Excellent in front but hocked in the rear
FCI RATING : Excellent"
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